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About eight years ago on a now-unused social media platform, my about me section simply read, I live to feel alive.

I’m always asking myself, what is my purpose here? Recently I’ve been coming to the conclusion that there is no purpose, or everything is of purpose. I am the sum of my experiences.

I feel like I’m on the cusp of two different parts of my journey through life. I feel ready to leave my childhood, my teen years, my years leaving my home town, studying, figuring out how to forge my own way through life. I understand the concept of making my life my own, but I’m yet to fully submerge myself in it. I think now is the time.

I am pushing myself to experience everything that I can, learn as much as possible, create new connections, break off from old ones, and put into play the concept of being alive. And as I do this, I’m willing to share my story.

As of now, the end of 2018, after coasting through the past few years, toying with the possibilities of NOT getting married, buying a house, and having kids, I’m deciding to throw myself in the deep end and enter the world of art, creation, travel and learning. I’m a twenty-something white girl from New Zealand. I’m a daughter, a university graduate, and dance teacher. I’m also a sex worker, a mental health advocate, and a regular human doing my best to find happiness. So here I am, naked on the internet, in both body and mind.  

I invite you to join me in my journey - sharing with you what I learn from these experiences on humanity and the society we live in. I’m curious to explore new ideas, new awareness, and how to be not just content with the human condition but to be enraptured by it.