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It’s been a while! I’ve been travelling around Australia for over three months now…And I’m not leaving anytime soon. I’m currently exploring the state of Queensland over the winter months, with a quick trip back to NZ in September, and then I plan to head back down to NSW and VIC, and possibly SA and ACT once it warms up again.

I have been busting out the content for you guys lately! Well, I’ve been creating it, at least.

I thought I’d give you guys a bit of an insight into how I make this all work. A big part of what I do is collaborations with other creators, especially for erotica. This means that no money exchanges hands for the shoot, instead it’s a trade of time and talent. Then, the content goes on sale in my webstore, and after one or two months the profits are split equally between all creators, and only then do we post it to our own subscribers sites, just to keep things fair (and build a little suspense). Sometimes this works and we make a lil bit of money, but sometimes we make nothing, and that’s just a gamble we’ve gotta take. But in the end, we all get the content to keep and use, and that’s what makes it worth it. That’s the reason why you really only see me working with other content creators rather than just Joe Bloggs who would have no use for the content. Plus, it makes sure everyone is on the same page.

So here’s a little look at what I’ve been up to lately.

First of all, the cover image and the two ones below are from when I shot with photographer Robert Coppa way back in Canberra. He’s slowly drip-feeding me these images but hot damn, I am in love with them. These were all shot in natural light and the post production he’s done on them is incredibly skillful. I would go back to Canberra just to shoot with this guy.

Now…this was a hot shoot. Lavender is a Brisbane content creator and a stunningly nice human. I really wanted to do something different for this shoot as opposed to just the regular girl/girl scenario in front of a camera.

Now, I’m very switchy, and I’ve been with a lot of women. I’ve “topped” women, in that I’ve been the one in control, but I’ve never really dommed a women on my own. And although this may not look particularly kinky in the photos, I’m all about the mind fuck. In this scene, I pried out Lavender’s dirty little secrets, consummating in a bit of climax of sorts. This 47 image ebook is out now in my webstore, and the video will be coming soon.

This set was shot by Oscar Mike, and I have to thank two of Lavender’s lovely friends for helping us out during this scene.

These next shots are a bunch that Oscar Mike and I have taken together. The first one is one of my favourite shots in a while. Brisbane is an absolutely stunning city and is gorgeously lit up at night. This was a tree we found down by the river.

The rest of the shots in this row are from various places around Rainbow Beach, a small beach town that we went to to just chill out. The second shot is a quick snap from the top of a cliff overlooking the beach, where we shot a new vignette video. These are short videos for only $5 that I’m making so people can see a taste of what my longer videos are like. This is another one that’s only for sale on the web store right now, but it will be out for my members in a month or so.

The next two shots are from a place called Carlo Sand Blow, which is really just a huge sand dune! It had a gorgeous view of the sunset, but it was also a pretty popular spot so that was a clothes-on shoot.

And the last two are more sunset shots, these were taken at the beach that our campground was on.

These shots below are from another collaboration, both with the gorgeous Gold Coast model Bianca Trainer, and a wonderful lingerie company Bras By S. Again shot by Oscar Mike.

The next few shots are my own photography work. First up we’ve got Brisbane model Kiara Edwards. I shot 3 sets with her, one with her dog Mufasa, an erotica set involving stockings and rose petals, and one more with simple red lingerie and window light. I posted the red lingerie full set of 47 images to my members site this week.

These next shots are more of Jungle Gypsy. I can’t even keep track of how many sets we shot, and I still have more of her to edit. She also took photos of me a couple of days ago, so I’ll be sharing them soon too.

And last but definitely not least, I’ve only just returned from an amazing visit with Scarlet and her hubby Jammie. I’ve been chatting to Scarlet a bunch online for the past year or so and we finally got the chance to shoot. We did three scenes - all videos, but there will be a few photos coming of all of them too. First was a very suspenseful double massage on Jammie, second was some sploshing and foot play, and third…well…You’re gonna have to wait and see for that one. Again, a huge thank you to OM for taking one for the team and shooting these three sets.

Oh and last thing, I currently have a sale on my snapchat - get two months for the price of one! With all this content creation I’ve been snapping way more than usual, and I wanna share it with some more of ya. On my snapchat I post heaps of behind the scenes stuff and sneak peeks - both sexy and silly, or when I just want to chat with my fans. Get it here.

IMG_20190723_164444_exported_99_1564057458273 WM RS.jpg

And that’s all for now! I’ve got lots of new sets that I’ll be posting in my webstore and for my members in the next few weeks, but remember that you can always make requests, so let me know if there’s something that you’re just aching to see.

Love you all,

Nakita xx.