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Below is a simple break down of Nakita Fox’s requirements when modelling for TFP. Please note that these are guidelines and as such are flexible. Final agreements as to each TFP shoot are done on a case by case basis.

TFP can be of any style including glamour, lingerie, implied, full nude and erotica. This is decided along with the photographer but will also often be based on their past work, current media and projects and the final choice of which level of modelling will remain with Nakita Fox. When in discussion about a potential shoot Nakita Fox may contact past models the photographer has worked with for references. The photographer is also encouraged to do the same.

Final images from any shoot, including but not limited to, final still edits, video and behind the scenes content
can be used by Nakita Fox on all her media platforms (patreon, instagram, tumblr, ebooks, webstore, print etc..) unrestricted by the photographer and are allowed to be moneitized without further compensation to the original media creator. All digital files need to be provided in high resolution with no watermark. These files need to be delivered via dropbox in a timely manner. Usually not more than 4-6 weeks after the shoot date.

Nakita Fox also waives her right to further compensation from the photographer for any future profits gained by the sale and distribution of images created of her by the photographer. While the photographer is free to use the images on most platforms the exception to this is where the platform is pornographic in nature. Should the photographer wish to use work in this manner a written agreement will be required from Nakita Fox prior to the work being used.

Often Nakita Fox will create, or have created for her by a third party, behind the scenes content from a shoot.
This is done with sensitivity to the photographers process and is generally used promotionally in diary posts etc.

This needs to be discussed prior to the shoot to make sure there is no confusion on the day.

Credit must always be given to Nakita Fox whenever images are used in any media. Links back to both her PATREON and INSTAGRAM accounts are used whenever her work is displayed online.

Nakita Fox will always credit the photographer as they require. These credits should be supplied prior to the shoot.

Credit to other collaborators, eg HMUA’s, designers is encouraged and appreciated.

Extra costs related to the shoot such as travel, accommodation, hair, make up, styling, outfits etc, need to be discussed and agreed upon before finalising the shoot date. Where possible these costs are mitigated by using existing items, tying in current travel dates and other such options. Larger creative concept costs such as elaborate makeup, outfits, locations and props are generally organised by the photographer and their team.

Often Nakita Fox travels with an assistant to help on set. This is to help with carrying gear, supplies and behind the scenes media creation.