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I’ve only just got back from NZ and I’ve already booked another trip in, I loved it back there that much!

Before I start, here’s a brand new shot that Matt Barnes just sent me from our recent shoot. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I’ve had a lot of requests to visit Auckland, mainly for sex work. I was waiting until the time was right and it’s finally come along! After having OM’s kids stay with us a couple of times in Australia now, he decided that it was time to visit them back in NZ, closer to where they live which is just south of Auckland. To give him some one-on-one time with the kids, I’ve decided to stay in Auckland while he does that! Not only that, but I thought I might get a bit lonely so I decided to bring Minka along with me from Australia.

We’ve booked a really beautiful apartment in a nice area of Auckland, and I’m really looking forward to spending some more time with her. We’ve shot lots of porn together, but we’ve never actually worked together so it will be nice to hang out and perhaps get some doubles bookings in! She’s a real hard worker and a smart, positive chick so I feel like we are gonna have a blast supporting each other in Auckland, I’m really looking forward to it. We will be in Auckland October 31 - November 3.


Surrounding my Auckland trip, I’ll be back in Wellington Oct 26-30 and November 6-8. I don’t have any major plans for those dates yet, I expect I’ll have a little bit of sex work on, but I’m not going to push myself too hard as I will be driving to/from Auckland so I’ll have some full on days of driving and I don’t want to wear myself out too much. Plus, I’ll likely be back in Wellington for a longer time over Christmas/January, and I’m sure I’ll be super busy then!

As for the next week, I’m heading up the coast tomorrow! OM and I are heading up to Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay for a weekend of camping, and then stopping back in Sunshine Coast on the way back next week where we’ve booked a nice house to stay in by the beach. Hopefully I’ll get a booking or two there, but if not, I’ll be pretty satisfied with just hanging out by the beach for a few days.

Now, I’ve noticed that I haven’t talked about sex work too much with you guys, and I feel like I should. I allude to it on instagram but because of such strong censorship on there I don’t like to talk about it in too much detail, and although I post my tours on Twitter and Reddit, I know I don’t use those platforms as much as I probably should. So I do have it in mind to write on here a little bit more about what I do, where I started and how I got here, as well as my plans for the future, but that’s for another post or five. What I know right now is that in this past year I really feel like I’ve got in my groove. I’ve had big ups and big downs over the past 7 or so years in the sex industry, but going independent this year has allowed me to explore a lot more and focus on the work that I like to do. Let me know if you guys are interested about hearing a bit more about this side of work that I do.

But for now, I need to pack for a week away!

Love you all,

Nakita xx

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