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I didn’t even get time to update you guys properly while I was over in NZ, I was so busy! I’ve been back in Brisbane for five days now and I’m only just starting to recover. I was getting a little burnt out by the end there but I’m so happy with how much I got done.

The day I arrive in NZ (Wellington) I flew straight up to Rotorua for a fly me to you booking which was lovely. Driving from the airport there made me see NZ in a completely different light. It’s spring time, the grass is green and lush, the hills soft and rolling, and there’s so many baby lambs bouncing around. Spring flowers are growing wild and it was a really nice welcome back to the country. Being away for five months has really made me appreciate my own country a lot more.

After spending a night in Rotorua, I was back to Wellington and then drove straight up to Palmerston North to catch up with Skylar Leigh and Matt Barnes. We spent the whole day shooting and I’m SO EXCITED to share the results with you. This cover image is the first one I’ll share, but once I’ve got more I’ll be posting them for you ASAP.

Then back to Wellington, and the remaining 8 or so days were jam packed with shooting and working. The majority of my shoots were paid so I can’t share them here in full, but one thing I absolutely love doing is shooting promotional images for escorts.

These images above are of Claire, a beautiful American escort currently working around NZ. She was such a jewel to meet and shoot, and I’m looking forward to working with her again sometime and shoot some non-work shots so we can get a bit creative!

And that’s actually all that I have for now from Wellington! But here’s a few edits that I’ve done recently from just before I headed overseas.

You know that I’ve shot with Minka a couple of times now, but just before OM and I went to NZ we caught up with her in Gold Coast and shot some more erotica with her. Minka got into the sex industry through camming, so we thought a solo shoot of her doing a live cam show would fit her perfectly. OM videoed it while I photographed. I’ll post the full set of images soon, but for now here’s some teasers. If you’re wanting to grab the full video, head on over to OM’s website here.

Here’s a couple of fresh edits by OM, the first one is of Anastasia and I from our new vignette video, and the second is of Moo and I from shooting in Byron Bay.

And I think that’s all for now! New Zealand went so well that it’s likely that I’ll be heading back before the end of the year, to Wellington at least, but possibly Auckland too. Other than that, I only have vague travel plans for the rest of the year, perhaps somewhere around SE Asia and around Queensland some more, but until then, I’m just gonna see how it all goes!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend,