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Shooting this ebook was so much fun, and considering the morning that OM and I had had, it turned out so much better than expected!

We had planned that we would double-dom Sukhi from the moment she walked in the door. As with all of our erotica, it wasn’t scripted or posed at all, so although we had run through all of the do’s and don’ts and general ideas with Sukhi, she didn’t really know exactly that she was in for.

She was due to arrive at midday. OM and I popped out at about 10am to grab some supplies from the supermarket just around the corner from where we were staying. When we arrived back, we discovered we had locked ourselves out. We had also left both of our phones inside. It was an airbnb and we had no way to contact the owners, or Sukhi to tell her that we might not be on schedule. Fuck.

After several hundred dollars and a very stressful hour or so waiting for a mobile locksmith (which we had to call from a very kind shop owner’s phone at the mall), then having them not be able to unlock the door and needing to go get more tools, we managed to get inside just 5 minutes before Sukhi Baby arrived.

Neither OM and I were prepared at all, we hadn’t showered and I didn’t have any makeup done, so that photo above is how we got Sukhi to wait while we scrambled around getting ready.

And the rest of it, you can see in the ebook.

CLICK HERE to access the ebook.