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Hi friends! Here’s a little look at what I’ve been up to lately.

I’m still in the Gold Coast, OM’s kids have been and gone for a very energetic holiday, and now I’m finally able to get stuck in and be a bit productive.

A couple of days I went out into the valley with Jungle Gypsy and we shot this gorgeous cover image. We spent a good few hours shooting, and I know it’s gonna take a me a good few days to edit all of the shots but I’m really looking forward to it…once I clear all my old work, anyway.

Speaking of which, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Going through all my old work and catching up on things, which feels really good. One set I got done was this one of OM in the bath, replicating an old old set that he shot with me. I will eventually post that here some day too…

Then I found some shots I took of a friends dog. Animals can be so hard to photograph but I love it. Meet Ned.

I went on to find a few more shots of Kat that I hadn’t edited from our forest session! This is still one of my favourite shoots.

Next I found some old experimental shots that I took of myself just when I was just learning how to use a camera.

And finally, here’s a peek at some new sets that I’ve got back from a couple of photographers back in Melbourne - Maddic Photography and Jazzxp! Looking forward to sharing the rest of these and more.