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Another day…Another city…Another mechanic.

Apart from needing to take my car into the shop AGAIN today, Wollongong is beautiful! It’s only an hour or two south of Sydney but it has none of Sydneys craziness, plus it’s soooooo nice and warm here. It feels good to just be able to wear a dress again.

So after my last update, I left Ballarat, drove about 5 hours north to a city called Albury, and stayed there a couple of nights. While we were there, OM and I shot an erotica scene of Sukhi and her BF Chase, with OM on photos and me on video.


After that, we headed on up to Canberra for two nights. There I shot with Robertxc who is an absolute magician with a camera! I can’t wait to get some edits back from him.

And then yesterday, I drove up to Wollongong. It’s really pretty here, it reminds me of Mt Maunganui in NZ where I grew up. We were only going to be here one more night but with the car in the shop we are gonna be here a little longer.

I’ve gotta say, all these false starts and car troubles are getting me a bit down. Each time we get something fixed, I think to myself, “finally, I can actually get started on this trip!” But then the next thing comes along. And due to my mood, I’m finding myself stuck in a beautiful house, or in a beautiful city, with no motivation whatsoever to shoot, let alone do sex work, as I really need to be in the right head space for that, so I’m currently hemorrhaging quite a bit of money. Currently meaning especially right now. I booked a beautiful apartment that cost a LOT more than I would normally spend because there weren’t many options here in Wollongong, with the full intent of smashing out a bunch of jobs and easily making my money back that I spent on it, plus lots extra. But I just can’t bring myself to do sex work when I’m feeling like this - I’m such a terrible liar and I value my clients so much that I would feel awful for providing a sub-par service. I do with I could compartmentalise a bit better and not be such a sensitive sook…something to work on, I guess. :)

Anyway, enough of that. Here’s another new edit of Lizzie who I shot in Melbourne, as well as one that OM took of me in Adelaide.

I hope y’all have a great week,

Nakita xx

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