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Hey friends! I’m so excited to share all this new stuff with you!

So, since I last wrote, lots has happened. Driving back from Adelaide was beautiful, plans changes a bit so we stayed a couple of nights near an incredible national park called the Grampians, camped and explored, then headed back towards Melbourne. On our way bay, we stopped in a city called Ballarat, which is about 90 minutes away from Melbourne. We grabbed some supplies from the grocery store, then stopped in at VicRoads to transfer the rego on our car as I still hadn’t done it. Not only was I not able to get it, but then the car wouldn’t start when I went to leave.

Long story short, the super nice roadside assistance man towed us to his place said we could stay the night at his while he investigated it, and to our disappointment, it needed a whole new engine. We managed to get a rental car the next day to get ourselves back to Melbourne, leaving our car with him.

Then a few days later we got a phone call….He was able to get the engine which was great for the car but not so much for our wallets. But as he was putting it in, it slipped off the hoist and caused some damage to the car…so off it went to the panel beaters for the next three days, putting another delay on us leaving Melbourne for the second time!

So, hopefully we are getting it back on Wednesday or Thursday…This means that we are going to be driving pretty much straight up to Sydney to try stay on schedule without much stopping in between, which is a real bummer, but it has recently got really cold so I’m actually quite keen to head north as fast as possible.

So, all of this has been pretty demotivating to say the least. I hate to be a bummer, but we really haven’t been enjoying Melbourne that much. However in the past 3 days we’ve smashed out 6 shoots and a workshop, so things are starting to look up! Here’s a few previews…

  • 1 - Way back from Melbourne round one, with Tristan Manas

  • 2 and 3 - Adelaide with Kyra Hadford

  • 4 - Grampians with Terry Fine Art

  • 5 and 6 - Round 2 in Melbourne with Jazz XP

  • 7 - A chill apartment shot with OM

  • 8 - Playtime with OM and Kiwilannita

  • 9 - Photography workshop with Selkie Skye and Vin

  • 10 - Apartment shoot with Sensual Portraits

  • 11 - My first proper Melbourne shoot with me taking photos! This is Lizzie

  • 12 and 13 - Aaaaaand my first shoot with a male model (apart from OM) - Von Riga

I’ll be drip feeding these sets out to you guys over the next few weeks, along with all the Sydney sets that will now get back to their regular scheduling!