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Hey friends!

Today is my last day in Adelaide before I start the drive back to Melbourne. Honestly, I haven’t been doing that much shooting here, mainly because this is my first visit to Adelaide so I was more keen to just check it out a little bit. And for an Australian city, it’s soooooo much smaller than I expected! It also seems like a pretty conservative place, heaps of churches, super short trading hours on weekends, but oh man is it pretty.

Yesterday after a quick morning shoot with Kyra Hayford (I’ll be posting the edits up as soon as I get them!) OM and I had some time to waste as his afternoon shoot cancelled. We stocked up on some oil and coolant for the car - I reallyyyyyy don’t have much trust in it) then headed out to the Botanical gardens which were super pretty and we got a couple of nice clothed shots.

The time off has also given me some space to think about planning future projects - namely my own photography and writing. It’s been really nice to be able to work and shoot, but not be so run off my feet that I still have time to think and plan for the future. I know that this round in Melbourne is gonna be hectic so I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

Tomorrow I’m driving about 5 hours to a small city called Horsham for a shoot, then staying two nights at a friends dads place out in the country, hopefully riding some horses! From there I’ll be heading back to Melbourne for a big mix of shooting and modelling. So for the next few days I’ll probably have pretty limited internet access, but I’ve got a few sets scheduled for you guys.

See you in Melbourne!

Nakita xx