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Hey friends! Oh man, I hope that that’s the end of any major problems for this trip because I feel like I’m ready for a holiday already. On the good side, so many people have shown a lot of kindness to me the past few days and it really shows who the people are that I want to stick around with.

I ended up needing to spend an additional $3000 on my car just to be able to get it officially roadworthy. When I’d bought it, I’d been told by the mechanic that it would be about $1000 and I budgeted than into the price. I had set aside some extra money for if car issues arose later in the trip, but I didn’t expect it to be such a big chunk of it right at the start. So, I was meant to head off to Adelaide two days ago but as the car was still in the shop we instead wont be heading off until Tuesday. Another bummer as I won’t have time to enjoy the drive over a few days as planned, but I know there’s going to be lots of driving in the future weeks so I’m sure I’ll make up for it.

On that evening that I dished out all that money, I shot with Ava, who made the day so much better! I had previously met and shot with her the last time I was in Melbourne. We decided to really mix it up and play with some human furniture themes. I was pretty damn sore the next day but oh man the results are so worth it.

Yesterday I headed out for another shoot with OM and Kylie. I don’t have any shots from that set yet but they’ll be coming, don’t you worry!

This weekend is for a bit of R&R, then Tuesday I’ll be back on the road and in the game.

I hope y’all have a great easter break.

Nakita xx.