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Hey friends!

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a bit of a slow, stressful start to Melbourne but yesterday OM and I went out with SelkieSkye to an abandoned factory and had an amazing first shoot. It was so good to get on the board with something a bit less generic than shooting some boudoir! We managed to to get a bunch of really nice shots of her and I together as well as some individual shots and the majority of them were really pretty, moody, and a little bit weird, apart from this trashy set we shot right at the end.

I’m not gonna chat too much about all the things that haven’t been happening (like buying a car…why is it so hard to buy a car here?! ) as I’m currently making an effort to focus on the things I am achieving rather than what I’m not. So today, apart from getting this video edited, I also planned the entire road trip between Melbourne and Adelaide and booked a couple of campgrounds which proved difficult - I didn’t realise that we were driving right through Easter, oops.

I was meant to be shooting this weekend but the lack of car has put a hold on things, so instead tomorrow I think OM and I are gonna go to the zoo which I’m SUPER excited about! Expect some derpy tourist photos soon.

Anyway, HERE’S the video from yesterdays shoot! There will be another one of both Selkie and I coming ASAP. Password: ass

Nakita Fox