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Every so often you guys are gonna get a bonus erotica set - something that isn’t part of any series and isn’t on my webstore. This is one of them.

We don’t always take photos of our play sessions, often because it makes it feel more like work and less like play, but with something like wax, it was easy to snap photos in between moments. Maybe we need to start thinking of hiring an assistant…

This was one afternoon/evening when OM had a play session that was mainly just focused around wax. Because photos were being taken, and wax takes a little while to set and build up, I was also holding uncomfortable positions for a long period of time, which added to the session. If I moved, I would have broken up the wax that we’d already done.

We started out with me on my tummy, ass up. That position was pretty difficult as it put a lot of weight on my chest, my hands were locked to a spreader bar attached to my ankles, so I could only take shallow breaths. After OM turned me over (and I had a little smoke) I was on my back, legs up, now with my hands attached to the middle of the bar. This was fine at first but used sooooo much core strength, and after holding this for 20-30 minutes I could physically not hold my legs up any longer. Even though wax isn’t anywhere near as extreme to some other things I’ve done, this was probably the thing that has required to most willpower, to not let my legs drop even though my abs and legs were shaking and on fire (hah).

I loveeeeee sessions like this that are a lot more of a mindfuck than a physical fuck.

Nakita Fox