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Another busy week is more than halfway over! On Tuesday morning I headed up to Otaki, a small town about two hours away where this lovely human Anahit modelled for me. She took me to this beautiful river which I’ll definitely be returning to even just to swim, it was so tranquil.

Later in the afternoon after shooting her, I headed up to Palmerston North to stay with a friend, then the next day I shot with my favourite Palmy photographer - Matt Barnes! It was a very impromptu shoot - as you guys know, I was meant to do an underwater shoot but the photographer was sick, so luckily Matt was keen to step in and shoot with me. We did a bunch of stuff, and of course poured a whole range of liquids over me. HERE’S a little BTS clip from the end of the shoot. Password: creamy

In other news, I bought my ticket to Melbourne for my next trip! I fly over there on April 9th, stay there for a couple of weeks, then head to Adelaide, then back to Melbourne and I’ll continue on up north. I’m hoping to buy a cheap lil car and spend about 3 months driving along the coast. You guys are the ones that really help me do this, so thank you, thank you, thank you.