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Hey friends! It has been one crazy week. Today marks day eight in Sydney. Only two to go - and I’m kinda sad about that. I think this has been the best trip yet.

On Sunday OM had four models coming to ours during the day. One cancelled, so we got to spend a bit more time with the remaining three. They were Brooke, Akairah, and Harriet. They were all very different girls, and we got so much variety.

Brooke is an alt model with heaps of ink, tattooed eyeballs, and a split tongue. OM shot her on the wall - a series that he’s doing with every model - in the shower, and up against the mirrors with me. She has such an insanely cool look, and now I’m tempted to get my tongue split…

Akairah is the most gorgeous thing - I think she may have been a bit startstruck when she walked in and I was here! She’s a bit newer to modelling than most of the other girls, so it was really rewarding coaching her through the session and seeing her skills improve in only an hour. We shot her on the wall, and again in the shower.

Last but definitely not least was Harriet, who is a fucking wild ride. I’d never even spoken to her before she’d come over, and I ended up tying up her tits and spanking her by the end of the night. The pictures say it all with that one.

Then, Monday! Beebee and her partner came over at about 11am, we had some drinks while OM shot some pretty stuff with her, then her and I jumped on the day bed to shoot a new Intersect ebook. Beebee was pretty nervous so I was the one in control (compared to the shoot with Raven the week before, oh my fucking god) and it went amazingly! Afterwards, those two headed off, and OM and I headed into town to chill out, and we also had a successful sex toy shopping mission. I was going to buy a giant 14 inch dildo for my strap on to nail Harriet with, but we decided we’ll save that for our next trip.

Later that evening, Sabrina came over for what was meant to be a quick shoot but quickly turned into OM pissing in her mouth in the bath. We expected to be connecting with a lot more art nude models, but it seems like everyone just wants to shoot porn. I’m not complaining.

And today. Just as I finished getting ready for a shoot with a photographer that wasn’t OM (only my second one of the trip) I got a message from him saying he was having some camera problems and couldn’t shoot. I know these things happen, and it sucks, but I am really gutted. With his cancellation, I only shot with one photographer other than OM. I’m starting to worry that our work is looking too much the same, but once we are back in Wellington I’m determined to get my photography off the ground a bit more, as well as shooting with lots of other NZ photographers.

But with that cancellation, it meant I got to shoot with OM’s model for the day - Succubusish. We got along so well too, we have a bunch in common. She also does pole, and is also studying medical science! We shot some gorgeous stuff just against the wall, together and apart, and some niceeeeee videos too. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.

And that’s it for now! OM are off for a date night at a restaurant called “Little Turtle” - I obviously chose it for the name. ;)

Only two days left, but don’t worry, I’m absolutely going to make the most of them.

Nakita xx.