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Friends!! Hello!! It feels like it has been FOREVER - Sydney is so fucking full on!

So as I’m writing this it’s day 4 - well, technically day 5 but the first day was just OM and I chilling, went out to a beach for a little explore, and then on day 2 we really got stuck in and started shooting properly. Here’s a quick recap:

Day 2: OM and I both had last minute cancellations for our first shoots which sucked at the time, but it was a bit of a blessing in disguise. OM’s second model (Sophie, or _madteaparty on instagram) popped over earlier than planned so we got a good few sets shot of her, including one of us both. Then a quick break, and Raven was over and instantly we got stuck in for the evening. She is such a big personality, and awesome human and an incredible model, and we got a bunch of shit shot with her, including me getting behind the camera. However, it did make me realise that I really need to get a new lens for my POV photography work, I’m just such a shorty and can’t get far enough away from the subject to get some focus! That’s a big investment though so I’m going to need to do some saving.

But back to Raven - we were instantly best friends and began to organise a day that she could come back for an erotica shoot with me - which happens to be this afternoon.

Day 3 - In the morning we had a workshop with a wonderful couple - thepersianprincess_ and forgottenartphotography (N & K). I loveeeee these workshops because they’re personalised to what the people are wanting to learn. OM and I had met these two once before when they popped over to ours in Wellington whilst they were on holiday and I shot N, so it was great to catch up with them again! It was really wonderful watching their skills blossom in only a few hours.

Straight after that, we packed up, Ryan James arrived and we were in the car driving 90 min out to location…well, only after a 1 hour walk too. Ryan James is a male escort and experience porn performer - so we filmed my first B/G scene with someone other than OM! It was a heap of fun, hiking out to a beautiful remote location and having a fuck on the beach. Ryan bought his drone along too so we shot a bit on that - unfortunately the memory card corrupted so we lost the footage from it, but OM has a new toy on his wishlist. Luckily we also filmed on our regular camera, so all is not lost, and that erotica video will be out in a few weeks.

Just a note on that - it was really lovely having OM film me fucking someone else. It felt like the definition of a supportive romantic relationship and supportive business partner, so it made me realise just how fucking lucky I am to have someone like him in my life.

And day 4 - yesterday! It started off with me getting up early for a shoot with photographer Mercy Creative. She organised a brilliant HMUA, Miss Dodo Divine, and we had a bunch of fun shooting some bright, colourful sets which are very different for me! I’m really looking forward to getting those images back.

While I was still shooting with them, Sukhi Baby arrived! Another model was meant to come but she had to cancel, which turned out okay because OM and I were so exhausted, and we ended up having an awesome chill afternoon with Sukhi. We shot a couple of sets with her at the apartment while I finished up with Mercy Creative, then headed up north to a (hopefully) quiet beach to shoot. After another 90 min drive and a bit of a walk, we arrived at a gorgeous beach that had a few people, but we weren’t gonna give up. We waded out to some rocks off the side of the bay, still in full view but the other people didn’t seem to mind. We got some gorgeous sun-drenched shots and had a nice swim whilst getting to know Sukhi, and we’ve planned an erotica shoot with her too.

But now I need to run off and get ready for this shoot with Raven in an hour. I’ll post again ASAP!

Love you all,

Nakita xx