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Hey peeps! It’s been a pretty big week already so I thought I’d share a few new things with you.

This weekend just been was our (mine and OM’s) first weekend without his three kids here since Christmas so we had a bit of a play. I’ve been feeling a little bit of a delicate flower lately so we opted for something a little bit softer than usual - at first I was a little disappointed because we all know that I like to play hard, but in retrospect, soft was exactly what I needed and it was still crazy intense.

I trust OM completely, so I really enjoy using alcohol/drugs to get myself quite incapacitated before a play session in which OM is taking complete control. So just before this, OM had me smoke a pretty reasonable amount of weed and then laid me down on the bed, completely nude. Because of the weed, I caught the giggles pretty bad.

OM then proceeded to roll me over and and cover me completely in hot oil and give me one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I’m a very tactile person, I love touching and being touched. Being covered in oil and having him slide all over me is one of the best things ever. It was very intimate and we ended up fucking (of course) and I can’t even remember how many times I came. Just looking at how pink my cunt is shows how turned on I was.


Next up - wax. I’ve done a lot of wax play in the past, both giving and receiving, and a few months ago OM and I did a tiny bit for a shoot, but this is the first time we’ve done it properly. He did my back first, with a candle in my ass and all, and then rolled me over to do my front. Both positions were really strenuous to hold so I got that masochistic rush from so many different levels. He poured was all over my cunt, and then continued and covered my mouth. It was such a mindfuck that of course I could break the wax and open my mouth if I wanted, but the point was to keep it closed.


OM then popped me in the shower, washed me off, and cooked me an amazing dinner. He’s such a dream. <3

But in other news! I’ve been doing a bunch of editing, finished off a set of Kat, and started on a set of Skylar and I, so here’s a wee peek at that.


I’ve also got another shoot that I’m doing this afternoon, then a life modelling session, two days of massage this week, and all the plans for Sydney are coming together really nicely! Here’s hoping things keep going this way.

— Nakita xx