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Here’s a little throwback to August 2017 when I first shot with Gavin Creative from Australia during a tour here. He’s a great guy and an awesome photographer, and I’ve been meaning to catch up with him again but things have never quite aligned. Here’s hoping we might finally catch up again on my next big trip to Australia in April that I’m planning!

I’m hoping to head to Australia in April, driving around the east coast for about three months. I’ll start in Adelaide - a city I’ve never been, and from there, drive to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, then continue north to Townsville and maybe even Cairns, finishing around June. That will be winter for us here down south, but northern Australia stays crazy hot all the way through winter, so I’m looking forward to getting that sun all year around this year.

I’m hoping it’s going to be a bit more of a chill trip than my other ones, staying away for that long is going to mean I’m going to be a bit tighter on money so I’m hoping to stay with friends/models/photographers along the way and maybe even buy an old station wagon that I can throw a mattress in the back of. It’s going to be just as much exploring and adventuring as it is work. I can’t wait.